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One Year Later: How Assure's Closure Continues to Affect Investors - How Venture360 Can Help

Wednesday, November 29, 2023
Written by Venture360 - Sales Team
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One Year Later: How Assure's Closure Continues to Affect Investors - How Venture360 Can Help

It has been a little over a year since Assure ceased its operations in late 2022, leaving investors in a state of uncertainty and prompting them to search for new solutions to manage their Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs) and investments.

At Venture360, we are still recognizing those impacted by the Assure shutdown and we recognize the challenges faced by thousands of investors during this transition period. That's why our dedicated team has been actively assisting former Assure SPVs, guiding them toward a seamless migration to our robust platform. We initiated this process even before Assure's closure, solidifying our commitment to providing unwavering support to investors like you.

We are eager to be your trusted partner in managing your SPVs and investments as we move forward.

If you're considering your options or would like to explore our comprehensive fund management platform, our knowledgeable team members are ready to assist. Click below to speak with an expert:

The Transition to Venture360: A Smooth Path Forward

When transitioning your Assure SPVs to Venture360, you can expect a streamlined and hassle-free experience:

Seamless Transfer: We will efficiently transfer all investors and assets from Assure's SPV to a Venture360 SPV. This transition is vital because, with Venture360, you gain immediate control and autonomy as the Series Manager. We handle all the paperwork required for the transfer and dissolution of your Assure SPV.

Effortless Setup: Our experienced team will configure all your SPVs, providing LP access and portfolio tracking within our comprehensive software platform.

Ongoing Support: Venture360 will take over tax filings and entity maintenance, ensuring your peace of mind for the future.

To make this transition smoother, we are currently waiving software and onboarding fees for a limited time.

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