Assure Transition;
A guide to moving forward.

Assure has shut down—here’s what you need to know

With Assure shutting down in late 2022 giving virtually no advance notice, thousands of investors were faced with the daunting task of figuring out their options for taking control of their SPVs in order to manage these entities and their investments into the future.

The expert team at Venture360 has helped migrate hundreds of former Assure SPVs to our more robust platform. This trend began before Assure ever shut down.

We have ample experience helping investors like you, and are looking forward to being your trusted back-office partner.

If you’d like to speak with one of our expert team members to review your options and tour our robust fund management platform, click below:

Transitioning to Venture360

Here is what you can expect from Venture360 in moving over your Assure SPVs.

  1. Transfer all investors and assets out of Assure's SPV and into a Venture360 SPV. This is important because Venture360 structures SPVs where our clients have complete control and autonomy over their SPV as the Series Manager from day one. Venture360 will handle all of the paperwork needed for the transfer and dissolution of the Assure SPV.
  2. Venture360's team will set-up all of your SPVs with LP access and portfolio tracking within Venture360's comprehensive software platform.
  3. That’s it! Venture360 will take over tax filings and maintenance of the entity going forward.

Software and onboarding fees are waived for a short time to assist with this transition.

option 1 : Most Popular
One-time, paid upfront
Includes 10 years of tax filings
for up to 50 investors
option 2 : Best for short exit timelines
One-time, paid upfront
Annual tax filing fees per SPV apply:
1-30 Investors
31-50 Investors
51-100 Investors
* Exit fee of $5,000 when a cash exit occurs requiring waterfall analysis and distributions to members.

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