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Set up your SPV for a one-time fee of $5,000 and never worry about it again. It’s that simple.

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With Venture360, we offer support for the full SPV investment lifecycle. Our quick and simple process includes:

Legal entity formation and subscription docs. Client assigns a manager.

Investors execute entity documents and wire funds to a holding account designated by the manager.

Entity manager executes portfolio company closing documents and wires the funding.

Each investor receives a Venture360 software account for real-time portfolio tracking and document storage.

Venture360 files annual taxes and distributes K-1s for the next 10 years.

Exit management (waterfall and tax services) if applicable.

Ready to close your deal using an SPV?
Use SPV services from Venture360 and take advantage of:


Use the Venture360 platform and enjoy seamless management of funds, services and reporting, all under the Venture360 umbrella of software and services. One team, one point of contact, one source of truth.


From formation to funding to seamlessly managing funds and reporting, we save time and streamline the process for you and your investors.


Venture360 serves as your back-office team handling legal formation, compliance, tax and accounting for the entity for a one-time set-up fee of $5k.
(If a profitable exit occurs requiring waterfall and distributions, another $5k fee will be assessed. If the entity is just liquidated, no other fees are assessed.)

Set-up your SPV and let Venture360 manage it for a one-time fee at closing of $5,000. It’s that simple.

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