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How personal biases lead to bad investments.

We make every day decisions with personal biases — whether we realize it or not. But when you’re a venture capitalist, a bad decision is very, very costly.

So, let’s talk about stacking the deck in our favor by removing our personal biases — shall we?

Brad Zapp with Connetic Ventures breaks down how relying on data, not personal bias, optimizes investments and returns.

Hello, Quant Funds.

GM Ventures and the corporate strategy of venture investing.

General Motors is one of the largest companies in the world, and over 10 years ago they created a venture arm to find and fund innovation to enhance their strategic vision.

We discuss this vision with Kai Daniels, and autonomous vehicles, of course.

Cocoon Capital and the venture ecosystem in Singapore

In this episode learn all about Singapore’s investment ecosystem and how Cocoon is uniquely positioned in this market as firms look to expand into East Asia and the US.

PS27 and Jim Stallings’ investment in people

Everyone talks about how people are the deciding factor when it comes to a venture’s success, and yet, very few go to the lengths Jim Stallings does to make sure the people running his portfolio have access to everything they need to be successful.

The Venture360 Story

In this episode our Co-founder and CEO, Rachael Qualls, will tell her personal journey from entrepreneur to investor.

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