Passion meets expertise.

We’ve lived both sides of the VC world, as entrepreneurs and investors, so we understand the unique challenges you face when raising and managing capital. Our founder is a venture capitalist, angel investor and entrepreneur who’s built the standard for many VC processes and benchmarks that are utilized today. And our team is composed of fellow angels, venture capitalists, entrepreneurs and designers dedicated to building affordable solutions that simplify the screening, closing and tracking of private investments. Simply put, we get to merge our passions with our experience to create Venture360.

We believe venture capital should be accessible to those who work hard for it, and manageable for everyone—but that means shaking up the status quo.






Venture360 introduces a suite of portfolio management products to help track the investment process for VCs, angels, accelerators and family offices all over the world.



The company expands our tools to manage the capital raising process from deal rooms to cap tables.



Rebuilt from scratch, we streamline the entire investment process, simplifying the user interface, and significantly increasing performance.



Adding full fund administration and SPV management services to our software offerings made Venture360 the complete back-office solution.

Our Founders

Rachael Qualls, CEO

  • Technology entrepreneur with two exits, turned Angel and Venture Capitalist
  • Started Angel Capital Group in 2007 to help other investors with Angel Investing
  • Sold Angel Capital Group in 2015 after starting Venture360/LIQUIFI

Michele Hammann, Director of Client Accounting Services

  • Experienced CPA specializing in meaningful financial statements with 20 years experience
  • Previously worked for PricewaterhouseCoopers and Summers Spencer & Company

James Pierce, BOD

  • UI Design Expert and back-end Ruby programmer with 18+ years experience
  • Entrepreneur, built design portfolio software company Pixolio and GluKey
  • Dean of the Watkins College of Art at Belmont University

Whether you’re raising money or investing it, you need a responsive and organized solution in your corner. Venture360 simplifies the back office across entrepreneurs, fund managers and investors—from application to exit.

Let’s not make managing capital any harder than it needs to be.